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Our 1958 Chevrolet Biscayne cars are maintained to strict industry licensing and RWC ‘Legal’ Standards.

The 1948 F1 Ford Pick-up is maintained to RWC ‘Legal” Standards. Please be advised that you are not hiring the F1 Ford for transportation, you are hiring the F1 Ford for display or photo purposes only. 

All care is taken by professional industry authorised drivers for the vehicles. This Chev Biscayne is insured with Liability Cover for limousine services, including weddings, formals, special events. The hire fee for the usage is what is quoted and paid for by the customer, the Chev Biscayne is a special purpose limousine for limited use and not paid chauffeur driven.

We allow by law the number of passengers per car only, as per the number of seat belts fitted. If seat belts are not fitted, then the number of passengers is per number of adult seats and no more. No children can be carried in a vehicle without seat belts. We can cater for small children, an approved child seat if necessary will be supplied by the customer and need to be fitted/checked by the parent or guardian. Under no circumstances can a child be transported without an appropriate child seat being used for their age/weight/size fitted correctly. Please see Qld Transport website, RACQ for rules and advise on child seats. Children and their approved seat and fitment is the sole responsibility of their parent or guardian.

Sunshine Classic Car Services endeavours for all information provided to be accurate and current.

We reserve the right on the day to photograph our car in use for our advertising and facebook, no specific details will be listed without prior consent.

Alcohol and food are not be consumed in our vehicle.

We will disclose any additional costing at time of quoting.

Speed limits and road rules will be observed at all times by our professional drivers.

In the rare event of the vehicle being unavailable for any reason after it is booked, we will communicate this to the customer, and we will endeavour to first find a replacement vehicle from a sub contractor or affiliate business if necessary. We reserve the right to substitute one vehicle for another vehicle of the same quality, and standard, but not necessarily the same make or model to fulfil the requested and confirmed booking. Please understand these are old and attractive collector vehicles, although they are very well maintained, issues do arise out of our control.

Any and All Liabilities or Legalities arising from the direct actions of any passenger causing damage to our cars or any other property, injury to themselves or other people/passengers during a booked trip, is the sole responsibility of that passenger /offender, or in the booking name.

Booked person Must be 18 years of age or have the direct permission/consent of their parent or guardian. All care will be taken to arrive safely, and on time.

All bookings are subject to cancellation without notice in the event of severe weather warnings, or
if caught in severe weather occurrences. This may result is temporary halt of hire to shelter vehicles.
Some situations are out of our control, like traffic events, bad weather, break downs, vandalism, delays, accidents or other circumstances like wrong itinerary information given.

Abuse of drivers, threats or unacceptable behaviour by passengers could result in immediate termination of booking and hire.

Sunshine Coast Classic Car Services will not be held liable / responsible in any way for these situations or for change of mind and this does not constitute grounds for a refund. All bookings are solely at the hirer’s risk. Depending on the circumstances or situation, we will offer a replacement hire or may offer an additional service credit. Payment refunds are not offered for change of mind or cancellations, unless in the 5 day cooling off period. Please do not confuse this with a no refund under any circumstances policy. We will at our discretion offer a service credit or replacement hire dependant on the situation.

Total payment is due no later than 4 weeks prior to booking date or booking may be cancelled.

We do not offer credit card or paypal facilities, only direct deposit or cash.

50% Initial deposit secures any booking. After which optional repayments fortnightly/monthly by direct deposit can be made at no extra cost. The booking is not secured unless the full 50% deposit is paid. Should this payment not be made entirely or in full, the booking may be cancelled at any time and all money paid may be forfeited. See refund policy below.

Our refund policy is – We offer a ‘No fee’ -5 day cooling off period after the deposit is paid, so the customer can be sure about their booking. Any payment for a cancelled booking during this cooling off period will be refunded. To clarify within this 5 day cooling off period only – No fee will be charged if the booking is cancelled by the customer.

After the 5 day cooling off period expires – All money paid and money processed after this time is considered 100% non refundable for change of mind or if the booking is cancelled. This is due to holding a booking and turning away potential customers for a booked day, vehicle and having to rebook services.

Please remember final payment is due no later than 4 weeks prior to booking date and is non refundable for change of mind and cancellations at this time. If total is not paid in full or by the due date, the booking can be cancelled, car rebooked or offered to another customer.

The refund policy also applies to cancellations during and prior to booking commencement on the booked date, and can be caused by (but not limited to) all situations outlined above.

Any non payment or dispute of payment for a confirmed booking will be first addressed by our business. You are welcome to contact the department of Fair Trading in your state for advice. Outstanding payments if not resolved will be handled by our nominated Debt collection agency. We will not discuss or change booking details or personal information with anyone, other than the customer/s who placed the booking. We reserve the right to pass on booking information if needed to third party companies or person/s in regards to any services rendered and payments outstanding.

It is a requirement and your obligation as our customer to read and understand these terms and conditions. By booking and accepting a quotation, we consider you have accepted these conditions 100% which is confirmed upon your receipt of your invoice for your special day. You are directed on all Quotations and invoices to read our Conditions of service. Your failure to do so or adhere to these conditions is not our responsibility, and as indicated previously Sunshine Coast Classic Car Services will not be held liable for any circumstances resulting.

Any questions at any time, feel free to contact us.

Kind Regards

Sunshine Coast Classic Car Services

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